Oro – gold

Cuervo Gold $6.00 if you have to ask… sweet blended tequila with vanilla flavor


Plata/Blanco – silver/white

Sauza Blanco $6.00 crisp white tequila, peppery agave upfront and a quick finish

1800 Essential Artists Collection $7.00 slightly floral silver tequila – check out the limited edition artist’s bottles!

Patron $12.00 clean, smooth and citrusy silver tequila


Reposado – rested 

Herradura $8.00 smooth citrus and light spices with a long finish

Hornitos $8.00 semi-sweet and smooth with stronger agave and fruit flavors with a mellow and warm finish

Chinaco $12.00 barrel aged in a white oak for balanced fruity and herbal notes with a strong lingering finish

Tres Generaciones $13.00 a warm, sweet and lightly floral medium bodied reposado


Añejo – aged

Cazadores $11.00 a smoky, woody añejo with a sweet opening and long finish

El Tesoro $12.00 award winning and entirely handmade in the old tradition, a great sipping tequila with full, balanced body and spicy finish

Milagro $12.00 a fiery and fruity amber añejo with a brief finish

Don Julio $13.00 strong citrus notes introduce this complex añejo, followed by warm oak, honey and rich fruit flavors

Corzo $15.00 buttery smooth and sunny, high elevation agave makes for a sweet and mellow flavor with a long finish

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